The Best Animal Parent!

I thought I would add this fact to my blog because I was absolutely amazed by this discovery and octopuses are one of my favourite animals anyway…

The Giant Pacific Octopus –

This animal only lives till about 2-3 years and in that time they only breed once. They can lay an outstanding amount of 400,000 eggs! (I know..shocking!) The mother octopus stays with the eggs the entire time before they are ready and this can be up to 6 months by doing this she is completely starving herself and then once the eggs are ready the mother dies from the weakness and starvation.

Woah! The dedication that mother has ey! Outstanding! The Giant Pacific Octopus mother definitely deserves a huge applause! 👏🏼

Any animals you know that are great parents? Share with me!

Hidden Gem

Hi all. Hope everyone is all well.

Thought I’d take my time today to talk about a beautiful restaurant I went to today in Bath. An absolutely hidden gem. I’ve lived in Bath for years and it’s only just today I visited this place! The place is called Bonghy Bo, it’s an Asian Fushion restaurant you can experience cuisines from Japan, China and Thailand. The food tasted beautiful and it was even presented beautifully too (see my photos above). Inside the interior design was also beautiful. The staff were very attentive, polite and friendly. Everything about it was perfect.

If you are ever in Bath and are a fan of Asian food I highly recommend this restaurant. It’s a small independent run business which deserves all the gratitude. I will definitely be returning.

Birding at Monkton Combe & Midford

Hi all, hope you’re all well (: Thought I’d add to my blog today to tell you all about my trip to Monkton Combe and Midford for bird watching with my friends Tony, Bryan and Dave. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping!

We saw the following birds:

  1. Blackbird
  2. Tree Sparrow
  3. Wood Pigeon
  4. Feral Pigeon
  5. Jackdaw
  6. Great Black backed gull
  7. Starling
  8. Crow
  9. House Martin
  10. Buzzard
  11. Swift
  12. Goldfinch
  13. Sparrowhawk
  14. Swallow
  15. Lesser Black backed gull
  16. Magpie
  17. Blackcap
  18. Blue tit
  19. Goldcrest
  20. Nuthatch
  21. Treecreeper
  22. Great tit
  23. Robin
  24. Long tailed tit
  25. Song Thrush
  26. Jay
  27. Wren
  28. Grey Wagtail
  29. Chiffchaff
  30. Chaffinch

These were the following highlights:

Seeing my first Nuthatch more clearly was a real big highlight for me! I’d seen one of these before when I went on a RSPB group outing to Shearwater however due to the lighting I couldn’t quite see it that well. However today I manage to see it a lot clearer, that distinctive stripe across its eye is just beautiful!

Identifying my first Treecreeper, this is another bird I had seen before however this time I had a clearer view of it and manage to spot it before the guys did. I was pretty proud of this spot and proud of the fact I was able to identify it. It was really lucky I had the guys their too, they confirmed to me it was a treecreeper which really helped too!

Seeing a goldcrest bird up close, when we went to Newton St Loe a couple weeks ago I manage to view this bird up close then too. I will never get tired of seeing these beautiful little birds! Did you know?! They are Britains smallest bird!

Seeing a family of Wrens! This was a beautiful spot from Dave. Wrens are small birds with mighty lungs I tell ya! 9/10 you always hear them before seeing them. I always associate their sound to a sound of a drill, helps me to remember their call! But yeah to me it was a real highlight to see multiple of them together!

Seeing a few Song Thrushes around was nice as the guys say they are getting rarer and rarer by the years!

Seeing a family of Long Tailed Tits up close. These birds of one of my absolute favourites because I can relate to them – they are very family oriented like myself! They also have the cutest little faces but I wont say I relate in that way as I don’t want to blow my own trumpet 😉 Being able to see those little faces up close is a real treat!

Hearing an alarm call from a Blackcap was quite interesting to hear. May have been the fact their was a sparrowhawk about or something else around that we didn’t see.

Seeing a beautiful orchid. It was a wonderful colour and the markings on the petals and leaves were spectacular! (see photo above)

We also saw a few species of Butterflies and Dragon flies which the guys pointed out:

  1. Tortoiseshell
  2. Beautiful demoiselle
  3. Common blue
  4. Peacock
  5. Meadow brown
  6. Painted lady
  7. Brimstone

They were beautiful to see. Chris Packham would be impressed with the amount of butterflies!

Throw in a little bit history too because why not…

Manage to see the Midford Castle too! Which is beautiful. (see above photograph)

Manage to see the grave of ‘Henry ’John’ Harry Patch’ who was the last guy alive after serving the first world war! He lived till 111 years old too after going through the trenches and all that?! Amazing right?! (see above photograph of grave)

Thats all folks! Thanks for taking your time to read my blog (:

Stay tuned for the next birding trip!

#watchthisspace 😉

Birding at Newton St Loe!

Hi all, hope you’re all well (: Had a wonderful day today birding with Tony and Bryan – my friends from the RSPB group. They kindly asked me if I would like to join them for a birding trip to Newton St Loe, a place I’d never been birding before. Boy what a beautiful little village! (See photos above)

Surprisingly we saw so many birds too! Its nice to be able to somewhere so close to home full of so much nature!

We saw the following birds:

  1. Jackdaw
  2. Rook
  3. Sparrow
  4. House Martin
  5. Kestrel
  6. Swallow
  7. Great Spotted Woodpecker
  8. Robin
  9. Blue Tit
  10. Wren
  11. Wood pigeon
  12. Crow
  13. Blackbird
  14. Nuthatch
  15. Great Tit
  16. Mistle Thrush
  17. Magpie
  18. Goldfinch
  19. Dunnock
  20. Lesser Black Headed Gull
  21. Wren
  22. Herring Gull
  23. Mallard
  24. Green Woodpecker
  25. Long Tailed Tit
  26. Mute Swan
  27. Moorhen
  28. Coot
  29. Goldcrest
  30. Canada Geese
  31. Stock Dove
  32. Grey Heron
  33. Song Thrush
  34. Buzzard
  35. Sparrowhawk

The follow highlights were:

Seeing my first ever Goldcrest close up! These birds are the smallest bird we get in the UK and it was extraordinary to be able to see one up close, all the other times I’d seen them it has been from far distance. Seeing their beautiful colours was amazing, specially the yellow strip on there head!

Being able to identify the difference between a Rook and a Crow with the help of Bryan and Tony, they are both such helpful and kind people who guide me through, they are wizards in the birding. Them explaining the difference between these birds really helped me, not only with this species but with all the others too.

Seeing the kestrel, I’ve seen this bird before but it was a real highlight for me seeing this bird hoovering trying to find its meal! Birds of prey will forever fascinate me!

Seeing the Grey Heron nests! Never would I have thought these birds nested high in the trees but they do, that was real highlight for me to find out about this and see this!

Seeing the House Martin on electric wire was a definite highlight for me too. The only other times I’d seen this bird was in flight so being able to see it land enabled me to see its colours more!

Beautiful village, beautiful day, beautiful company and we seen some beautiful birds! Would visit it again – 10/10.

Thank you to Tony and Bryan for allowing me to be a part of their birding trip. Bird wizards!

Stay tuned for more birding outings and whatever else I decide to blog too!

#watchthisspace 😉

Quantocks /Chew Valley Lake

Hi All, hope you’re all well (: Thought I’d add to my blog today to tell you about my trip to Quantocks with the RSPB group yesterday. We also had a quick look round Chew Valley Lakes too. It was a wonderful day! (See photos above)

We saw the following species:

  1. Crow
  2. House Martin
  3. Wood Pigeon
  4. Collared Dove
  5. Magpie
  6. Mute Swan
  7. Mallard
  8. Common Sandpiper
  9. Grey Wagtail
  10. Coot
  11. Jackdaw
  12. Canada Geese
  13. Shell Duck
  14. Tufty Duck
  15. Swift
  16. Pied Wagtail
  17. Blackbird
  18. Swallow
  19. Robin
  20. Grey Wagtail
  21. Goldcrest
  22. Blue Tit
  23. Buzzard
  24. Pheasant
  25. Wood Warbler
  26. Chaffinch
  27. Black Cap
  28. Stone chat
  29. Willow Warbler
  30. Great Spotted Woodpecker
  31. Linnet
  32. Dartford Warbler
  33. Wren
  34. Kestrel
  35. Green Woodpecker
  36. Long Tailed Tits
  37. Redstart
  38. Pied Flycatcher
  39. Great crested Grebe
  40. Reed Warbler
  41. Skylark
  42. Rook

What a day! A very successful one! The Quantocks was such a beautiful place! Full of many trees and when we got to the top of the hill the views were incredible! Nature is beautiful, will forever be a natural cleanse and detox for me!

The following highlights were:

Seeing swifts for the very first time! I’ve researched these incredible birds so many times now so to actually see them in flesh was definitely a huge highlight for me! They were like flying darts in the sky, marvellous creatures! If you haven’t read my blog on ’swifts’ yet I urge you to!

Seeing so many stone chats! When we reached the top there were so many of them! It was wonderful to see! When you see a high population of birds it will always make you feel great because as we know our bird species are dropping in numbers every year by 10% which really breaks my heart so to see big numbers of a species just gives you that little hope!

Hearing a Cuckoo for the first ever time! Having being a fan of Birding podcast I have herd a lot about this type of bird and there mating behaviour is interesting to say the least but to be able to hear my first ever Cuckoo call was a real pleasure! I didn’t get to see one no but boy did I appreciate the sound!

Seeing my first ever Wood Warbler, now I have to be honest I had never herd of this bird until the day but finding out that these birds were incredibly rare actually made me appreciate being able to see them for sure! They were just beautiful, specially that lime green that shows on them!

Seeing Robins together, now this will always probably be a highlight of mine during mating season because these birds believe it or not are very solitary and incredibly territorial so anytime when its not mating season you wouldn’t ever see them together. Being able to see one feed another a worm to show their love definitely brought my heart some joy.

Hearing a green woodpeck, I’d never been sure of their sound before but the guys made me aware it was a green woodpecker and phwoar do they make some sound! I did technically see one on this trip but sadly it was only for a quick second while it was flying so I didn’t get to truly admire its colours and that enormous long tongue it has! Oh well plenty of other times to catch this one!

Seeing a Dartford Warbler for the first time was another highlight of mine, again it was a species I’d never knew existed but boy am I glad I got the privilege to see one! We caught it when we were up the top of the hill and manage to see it on more open land and it was beautiful! We manage to look at it for a good 5-10 minutes, really being able to admire that bright red stomach it had, what a privilege it was indeed.

Lastly my final highlight was finally spotting the Redstart, now this took some time because at the start we could hear it but couldn’t find it anywhere! It was a real challenge to find this one and I think thats what made it even more exciting! On the way back we manage to find it and even though I couldn’t really quite see the colours very well due to the sun I think the whole chase and patience we all had to find it is what made it more thrilling for me!

Well thats all folks! A lot of highlights I have noticed on this birding trip but what can I say?! It was a wonderful trip, beautiful scenery, great company and marvellous birds spotted!

Stay tuned for more birding adventures! No doubt they’ll be more soon! This feeling birding gives me is the best feeling!

#watchthisspace 😉

Bird Watching Day! (Another Beautiful Day!)

Hi all (: Hope you’re all well. Thought I’d add to my blog today because I had a lovely birding trip today!

Today I went down my usual birding spots – Linear Park and The Canal. I saw the following birds:

  1. Wood Pigeon
  2. House Sparrow
  3. Great Tit
  4. Starling
  5. Herring Gull
  6. Crow
  7. Blackbird
  8. Wren
  9. Long tailed Tit
  10. Goldfinch
  11. Magpie
  12. Blackcap
  13. Mute Swan
  14. Moorhen
  15. Jackdaw
  16. Mallard
  17. Robin

Not as successful as my usual birding trips however its not about how many birds you see its about the experience at the end of the day (:

These are my following highlights:

Seeing so many wrens! There was about five that I saw! They were everywhere! Never have I seen so many in one birding trip! It was a lovely experience!

Being able to recognise the sound of the Goldfinch – to some people this may not be important to them however to me it is! I am still new to birding and being able to identify a bird before seeing it takes a lot of good practice. I am so so proud of myself being able to identity the Goldfinch for the first time (:

Seeing my first ever Blackcap! I couldn’t believe it! At first I thought it was a sparrow however I manage to get a closer look with my binoculars and noticed it was a Blackcap and I identified it straight away before it flew off!

Great day today. As soon as I left the house the trees were thriving with bird song, that sound will always bring instant joy to my heart no matter what.

Hope you enjoyed this blog (:

Plenty more to come!


I Have TikTok again!

Hi all, hope all is well today! Thought I’d add to my blog today to let y’all know I have got TikTok back. For a while I came off social media however the day my nan died I downloaded TikTok back to see if I could find some videos on there that would cheer me up and fortunately I did (:

Social media for real can be bad for you however there is times where it can be good for you. The funny videos on TikTok really put a smile on my face when it was one of the worst days of my life and that says it all!

I’ve started posting content on their myself too and its such a fantastic distraction for me. If you do own TikTok please follow me on ’loveslothlife’ and check out some of my videos!

I’m going through a very difficult time at the moment. My nan died and I’ve found out I’ve lost my job too. But..

Who knew social media would be a tool I’d use to cheer myself up but here we are!

Simpsons Drawings

Hi all, hope you’re all well (: Thought I’d add to blog today to show you my recent drawings I done of the Simpsons characters! (see above)

Shown here is

  1. Homer Simpson
  2. Bart Simpson
  3. Lisa Simpson

Keep an eye out for the next two Simpson drawings I show on my blog!

Hope you like my drawings! I followed these super easy drawing tutorials on YouTube! (see below)

Maggie Simpson is pending…

Marge Simpson is pending…


Craft Market Sale!!

Hi all! hope you’re all well (:

Thought I’d add to blog today to tell you all about how the craft market sale went! We had a craft market sale to sell our Macrame Crafts on 26th March!

Luckily for us my mothers friend has her own business so she kindly got us a table to sell our macrame crafts on and we headed off to a good start for our first market sale!

We made a total of £23.00 in the end. We sold the following items:

  1. 2 Bead Keyrings
  2. 1 Two Colour Keyring
  3. 1 Owl Keyring

I know four items doesn’t seem a lot but we were chuffed that we manage to sell the four and just having the experience of it made a difference!

We hope to sell at car boot sales in the summer and the best thing about those is you don’t need a business licence to sell at them so me and mum could start selling at them solo!

Right now I’m in charge of making more bracelet for stock and mum is in charge of making more key rings. However mum wants to look to make bigger macrame crafts in the future such as Dreamcatchers (which she is currently in the middle of doing) and Plant Hangers.

Much more to come! I’m excited for this journey!


Bird Watching in Beautiful Sunny Weather (Spring is here!)

Hi all! The weather was absolutely beautiful today on my bird watching trip. The birds were chirping away and the sun was shining endorphins were definitely rising! (:

This is my first spring as a bird watcher too! I started birding July last year and by this time some birds had migrated or had stopped breeding. So this Spring is exciting time for me for sure!

Today I went birding down my local woodland area called Linear Park then down the Canal!

Today I saw the following birds:

  1. Wood Pigeon
  2. Herring Gull
  3. House Sparrow
  4. Great Tit
  5. Starling
  6. Wood Warbler
  7. Magpie
  8. Crow
  9. Long Tailed Tit
  10. Wren
  11. Blackbird
  12. Robin
  13. Dunnock
  14. Tree Sparrow
  15. Blue Tit
  16. Moorhen
  17. Lesser Black Gull
  18. Cormorant
  19. Mute Swan
  20. Canadian Geese

My highlights for today were:

What I thought was pretty cool too was I saw my first Peacock Butterfly! Manage to get a beautiful photograph of it! (see above) The colours on it are spectacular, very beautiful!

Seeing a Wood took me about 20 minutes to identify this bugger! He flew from one tree to another and kept moving so trying to get a pinpoint view on the colours, bill size etc.. prove very difficult! But I persevered and manage to identify it using RSPB Bird Identifier (if you are birder and haven’t used it yet I urge you to check it out, I’ll add the link below) But having to actually follow where it flew to and really focus on the bird was somewhat exciting and my curious mind almost enjoyed the challenge of trying to identify it so definitely one of the biggest highlights of it!

Hearing that drill sound that a Wren makes before even seeing it! Then the wren pops up and you think you tiny thing! You almost cant believe that a noise so loud can come from it! It fascinates me it really does! I always have a little smile after hearing that noise then seeing them, very spectacular bird though right?!

Seeing a long tailed tits face closer then ever before for the first time! So I will admit I have seen many spectacular photographs people have taken of long tailed tits close up showing there face but until today I’d never seen one in the flesh! I have to admit its even cuter in the flesh, adorable little birds! Always love them, one of my favourite birds for sure!

Lastly was seeing two Robins together for the first time ever! Robins are very solitary birds, the only time they ever come together is to mate and have offspring. To see these two robins together was an absolute pleasure! However the only downfall was there was people that came past on bikes and scared them away so I saw them for a few minutes then they flew away.

However I did get two see two blackbirds mating behaviour as well as two pigeons mating behaviour and both males got lucky! It was absolute privilege to be able to see!

Hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Stay tuned for more of my bird outings!

#watchthisspace 😉